Choosing a bathtub

When choosing a bathtub, it is important to know how much space you have and what your budget is. There are a lot of bathtub materials used in bathtub construction such as cast iron, cast polymer, fiberglass.  You also need to know the type of bathtub you want. There are the built-in bathtubs and the free […]

Add some color to your bathroom

Add some color to your bathroom Going bravely with color combinations is interior design is mostly associated with living rooms rather than bathrooms. The fact is that the majority of us will think of the white color if they need to furnish a bathroom. Present day tendencies, however, show that adding some bold colors to […]

Bathroom tiles – a few tricks and twists

Bathroom tiles – a few tricks and twists The bathroom tiles are probably the easiest way to turn your bathroom from a dull room into a modern, functional and unique space. So, this article is aims to help you make your bathroom stand out among the rest in a modern, unique way. Probably the most […]

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Rather than invest time and money to redesign the house, you should consider the power of accessories. Add or change accessories, improve function, and provide a new focal point for the interior you can refresh the space. You can find inspiration by studying the showroom furniture stores, antique shops, decorating magazines, and catalogs. […]

Bathroom Corner Sink

Bathroom Corner Sink A modern bathroom furniture is characterized by a sleek and simple equipment. Minimalism has changed the mindset of every occupant of the house. Bathroom sink may not be the first thing you see when entering the room but the most used accessories in there. Certain Sink has a design that will make […]

Modern Bath Interior

Modern Bath Interior Modern Bath Interior — Modern bathroom also accommodate the needs of the maximal relaxation. For that select the interior elements can not be arbitrary. To select a marble bathroom floors, granite, cement, natural stone and hardwood. These materials work well for the bathroom floor is not slippery because these materials have a smooth […]