Careful preparations shape the way to a successful sale

Careful preparations shape the way to a successful sale

The heading of our article says it all – you need to do your homework, so that you can clinch the deal. This is also true in case you decide to sell your house – the preliminary preparations are of the essence!

Start with the exterior of your house – keep in mind that you will not have the chance to inspire your potential customers with your interior in case there is something on the outside that will put the clients off. So, make sure you have carefully trimmed the grass and the flower beds if you have ones. Take away the garbage bins and make sure there are no toys scattered throughout the yard. Before you do that, check whether the street number plate is correctly placed at a visible point – you do want the customers to stop at the right house, don’t you?

Now, once you have made a good first impression, it is time to let them inside. Be sure to check for any smells (cigarettes, food gone bad, and pets) that might be repulsive. Use some air freshener if you really need to, just be careful not to overuse it – it is always a bad signal as if you are trying to hide something! Put on the air-con on for a few minutes before they come, so that you get the air inside moving – it will create a feeling of freshness!

Apart from the above points, there are a few twists that might help you seal the deal. In case your walls are empty, consider putting on a few paintings, but make sure you avoid bright, vivid colors. With regards to furnishing, it is a good idea to take a few pieces out in case you have a small home. After all, you will never sell the house if all customers keep on bumping into different furniture pieces!