Caravan Interiors Design Ideas

Caravan Interiors Design Ideas

Traveling to the exciting vacation with your family is a fun activity for you who live in busy city life when holiday coming. You can go camping, hiking or traveling to other place you’ve never visited before. When traveling, camping or hiking, you need adequate supplies because you will be far from shopping center and you need vehicles that capable to transporting all the supplies. But have you think about traveling with a “home”? This is not an illusion because the latest caravan from Newell will answer your dreams about house on wheels that accompany wherever you and your family on vacation.

Caravan from Newell has a feature that unimaginable before. A mini hidden garage that can accommodate a sedan built in the middle of the van between the front wheels and rear wheels. Very practical and efficient because you take two cars at once while traveling. The interior design is very captivating complete with a variety of furniture that makes the Caravan is like home. Equipped with a family room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom with modern decoration concept slicked with cream color.

Please see the captivating design of Caravan from Newell on the following image collection because I’ve run out of words to describe this fantastic vehicle.
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