Candle Holder Wood Metal

Candle Holder Wood Metal

Candle holder wood metal – There are many interesting decorations that you can display at home. One is the candle holder. There are many kinds of candle holders to choose from. There is a wide variety of materials candle holder that you can consider. Among the many different types you can select candle holder wood metal. Variations of a unique and creative can be one of the attractions of this room accessories. In addition to his primary function as lighting, design aktraktif will help liven up the atmosphere in your room.


Candle holder wood metal

Candle holder metal


You can consider to choose hickory wood candle holder with half log and 5 tea light candle holder with wrought iron base. These wood and metal candle holders would look great in any collection. Or you can select the enchanting taper candle holder has an interesting design that blends an iron construction with wood to create a rustic treasure. Five “tulips” extend upward to act as holders for taper candles while natural wood strips are woven through their stems. It made from iron and wood construction. Natural iron finish.


unique Candle holder


 pillar candle holder wood


Warm ambience is a hallmark of rustic style, and this minimalist candleholder delivers plenty with five votive flickering from within the imperfect beauty of mercury glass. Raw iron handles add portability and function. This would be a lovely Candle holder wood metal addition to farmhouse tables, rustic mantelpieces and minimalist modern apartments. Candle holders are essential accessories of home décor beside being used for the lighting purpose these days. This brass made product is marvellously designed and master craftsmen have done a laborious work to bring them in this fabulous form.Give them the space of your home.

Enhance any mood with candles and decorative candle holders or give a candle holder as a wonderful gift for home decor accents, relaxation and healing. The candle holder dimensions are influenced as much by the design as to how they will be used. The sizes specified for the candle holders here are just samples; there are many more variants being sold today — Candle holder wood metal.