Bubble Baby Bed

Bubble Baby Bed

Bubble baby bed — The presence of a baby is a boon to the elderly, and also the duty of parents to always keep the baby’s health. Baby’s health begins with how to comfort her sleep. Baby will spend more than 12 hours to sleep. Buy a special bed for the baby not only makes it comfortable to sleep, but also to train the baby to sleep on his own without having to brave accompanied by their parents.

But accidents are not rare in infants due to unsafe bedding, baby fell off the bed and cause injury to the baby. There are a few tips on choosing a bed for your baby falls asleep and improve sleep quality. Currently there is a bubble baby bed by furniture designer Lana Agiyan that have very unique shape. Bed transparent spherical, made ​​of layers of nano particles of titanium dioxide is much sought after. Has a photocatalytic effect, bubble bed is easy to clean because as the constituent particles of dirt on the making of this bed is automatically degraded by sunlight. Lightweight, and has a rounded base and padded with a unique barrier making it easier to lay your baby.


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Thus, the bubble bed is in accordance with the principles of infant safety. Have a guardrail and safe from rust that can be licked by the baby. With a size that is not too big, bubble bed is very efficient. Well, you now can choose a bed that has a bubble mat cover is made ​​of pure wool. Mat cover is also anti-bacterial, so adhere to the principle of a healthy baby bed. Bed bubble is also anti-fungal, anti allergic, do not make the shortness of breath, and odorless. Bed bubble also makes the blood circulation flowing smoothly. Your little baby would be very comfortable in this bubble bed and of course you do not need to worry because this bed sanagt healthy — bubble baby bed.