Bricks Vertical Garden Design

Bricks Vertical Garden Design

Two things need to be prepared before we build a bricks vertical garden. The first is a Gutter or a ditch that was built at the bottom of this garden design. Gutter or trench is useful to accommodate the used water plant. The used water should be separated from ordinary water disposal system, because it usually contains fertilizers or pesticides. In addition to channel used water plants, Gutter also serves as a foundation or brick to seat the vertical garden. Gutter edge made ​​with an oblique angle of 45 degrees. The slope is to be used in the preparation of bricks.<em srcset=bricks vertical garden design photos” width=”500″ height=”600″ />

The second thing to be prepared is, the bricks vertical garden can only be made ​​when there buttress behind it. Because the bricks are used, will be held together with cement to buttress behind the garden.

Before you start creating a vertical garden, we need to set up a thread, so installation can be a neat brick, either vertically or horizontally. For uniformity and good carrying capacity, the bricks are arranged in an angle of 45 degrees.

Once we finalize the composition of vertical bricks for the park, we can equip it with a plant watering system, we can make by using small pipes. Please note, not all types of plants capable of growing in this place. Apparently, there are also plants that can’t be planted in a slanting position. Rose is recommended plants for this vertical garden.