Breathtaking mansion in Spain, to dream for

If you have never been in Spain and more exactly in place, where you can find the traditional Spanish haciendas, so this material will show you the amazing beauty of this mansion.The renovation of this place is done by the architectural group Geschke Group.


Walking on the curved path of colorful stones, leading to the entry of the building, you immediately feel warmth and this special excitement, that human can experience, only in special moments. The bubbling fountains and palm plantations gives the feeling, that we are walking through one secret garden.


Porch of the building is with incredibly beautiful arch and soft light that caresses every corner of the spectacular curves. Looking through the large windows we remain amazed from the unspoilt country style of the open place, furniture and decorative items inside.


Once you enter the house through one of the many glass doors in front us reveals a large room and we have an unobstructed view to the landscape from the other side of the building.  On the right side we find a long wooden table with comfortable chairs, which is located a few steps from the kitchen island. To the left lies an attractive fireplace, surrounded by a large leather sofa and a several chairs covered with cushions. All decorations are typically rustic and wrought iron chandeliers enhance its presence.


Out of the porch and there we find a very beautiful view. Ceramic table surrounded by several chairs provide comfortable seating area by the pool. Anything else here has made us a strong impression, and this is the view behind the pool, which is even more powerful when you watch it with friends, sitting on comfortable chairs on the porch.


Among the modern open plans constantly noticing traditional elements and architectural skills. Note the use of wrought iron in much of the scenery and carefully arranged Spanish red ceramides.


The combination of comfort, carefree style, luxury and details that show forever. This is an amazing Spanish hacienda that touched us and we are sure that will undoubtedly touch and you.