Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Blue is identical with water and air elements. This color is associated with nature, symbolizing harmony and give wide impression for space. Using blue color can induce a feeling of calm and cool. Another effect is to stifle the emotions after somebody looking this color because the brain produce norepinephrine which can cause a sense of calm at the sight of a blue color. Therefore not wrong if you apply the blue color in boys bedroom because it can reduce aggressiveness and provide masculine scenes. The blue color is also a favorite color for children.

Presence of blue color in bedroom can make the room feel cooler. You can apply a light blue on the main wall that you see when you sleep. But do not paint the entire wall with blue color only because it makes your room look cramped. Combine with other colors like white, brown, or gray. There is no fixed rule regarding the combination techniques you must follow because you are the boss here. But the best advice is to use a combination by is layered from the bottom upwards. At the bottom select the light blue color followed by white. And brown color can be applied to the ceiling or color to floor carpet.

Blue and White Bedroom IdeasNot only the wall that becomes main blue element, there are other elements that can be slicked up such as closet doors, desks, candela and door leaf. You can also give a touch of wallpaper on the walls for children’s room to look dynamic and not boring. And here are some blue bedroom inspiration that you can use to decorating bedroom.

Blue Bedroom Furniture Ideas