Black Interior Design

Black Interior Design

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘black’? Gloomy and dark impression might be immediately to mind. Then, what if we try to arrange the room in the house with the black color, do some black interior design? Surely some of you will say: Oh .. it is not possible .. Well, we try it. Here are some interior design ideas that you can refer to.


white and black interior design



classic black interior design



black interior design ideas


Arrangement of the spaces mentioned above with black interior design, it became evident that the use of black color does not always make the room look gloomy. With the composition and proper placement, the black could be the strength of a color space that contrasts with it. Black alloys with elements of wood, metal, mirrors or marble can be combined with a chic design elegance, and looks like a classic American design, is not it?.


black interior design



white and black interior design ideas


If you are interested in applying this idea to the interior room in your home, you can start by choosing furniture, black furniture (if you have not dared to paint your walls with this color). You can combine the colors of black on your furniture with a western accent of industrial metal materials so that there is a combination of an elegant in silver and black. And maybe you can keep the color of your walls remained white as a counterweight. If you want to put a more classic elements of modern proportions in your room, try to select a stacking drawer credenza with marble top surface is coated so it naturally gives motive and security forces lined with textured leather that makes the overall look elegant credenza. The use of leather and metal materials such as bronze, brass, and copper as an accent to the furniture is one of the classic style features. Oh yes, do not forget the standing lamp and mirror. Both accessories are highly viscous room antique shades. You can add classic style to your room — black interior design.