Black Bathroom Design Idea

Black Bathroom Design Idea

Black Bathroom Design Idea — Black is the color that never fade with age, so that not a few people who use black as the color of one room of their home. One of the black space that can be used as the theme color space. Even though it looks bleak, black still widely used. This color can even make a space look elegant. Applied in the bathroom also. How to apply the black in the bathroom is quite diverse. We do not have to paint the walls or using ceramic black. Shades can be made without having to change the whole room becomes one color. Sure no problem installing on a black ceramic floor or wall. However, to be safe, “scapegoating” the room in any other way.


Black Bathroom Design Idea


black bathroom design ideas

There is an easy and cheap tricks that you can apply for Black Bathroom Design Idea. By painting the vanity. Yes, just use black paint for storage under the sink. If you want to look more exclusive, use of open pore finishing technology. This technique allows us to paint the wood with the other colors but the fibers of the wood is still visible. So, we need not lose the character of wood painted with black just because. That do I need to do? Of course not. We can use black granite at the top so that the wood is protected from water. However, you can save the cost of millions of dollars by using a glass. Yes, quite a thick transparent glass that is placed approximately 2 cm above it will look like granite. Vanity You can look shiny black without spending much money.

green and black bathroom design

Also you can bring the furniture like a black bathtub in your bathroom. Can also place a black shower anyway. The bathroom looks elegant in black and a modern bathroom furniture also makes this bathroom has a perfect view. Clean lines and color layout of the bathroom was comfortable being an important point to make the bathroom look spacious. You can also combine other colors with black. Most importantly, dare to experiment with color can make your bathroom look so amazing — Black Bathroom Design Idea.