Black and White Kitchen

Creating a comfortable kitchen is important because many household activities carried out in this space. The trick is very simple to bring good colors on the walls and kitchen furniture sets. The right color choice can conjure up the look of kitchen interior become more life. Black and white kitchen to be the right color decorations to create a modern kitchen concept and have high artistic value. In selecting kitchen color is also necessary precision to avoid unmatched the color with the type of kitchen. Use 60:30 composition in black and white kitchen color. This aims to avoid the “busy” appearance of the kitchen because all the colors look striking. The white color should be used as a dominant color because it gives the clean impression and make the kitchen feel more spacious. The color of the walls, floor and ceiling are several parts that fit to be white. For the black color can be used as a color on chairs, cabinets, kitchen counter and other kitchen furniture.

Today provides several collections of black and white kitchen design ideas are selected exclusively from a few popular kitchen designers.

Black and White Kitchen Backsplash