Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom Storage Solutions —¬†Bathrooms, particularly the tiny one, need efficient storage toiletries. Although not a space that is often “visiting guests”, the bathroom still have to look clean and neat, so we were happy to wear it. To be so, the storage required items are always in the bathroom. Here are some storage alternative that can be applied in accordance with the shape and size of the bathroom.


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Display a nice rack in the bathroom can be a place to display the goods. With the right design and placement, a display will make your bathroom look more beautiful. The walls of the toilet is often left blank, can be used to put a simple wooden shelf. Rack-shaped box with no lid, will make the bathroom look more elegant. The inside of the rack can be used to put the necessary items, such as paper towels, soap, shampoo and other toiletries. Small box in the corner of the bathroom also you can use as storage. Sometimes drugs or treatments are not possible in every day use should be kept in the bathroom. The corners of the bathroom is often left alone, can be used to put a storage box. This box is good not too big, just adjusted the storage needs. If the space available is insufficient, make a few more boxes that are used for each family member to drugs and treatments are not confused.


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Maximize the wall. Walls are not glance to be an alternative space that can be utilized. Blank wall can be used to place the goods at the time the floor was no longer able to contain it. Appropriate height of the wall, can be created that extends into the storage area above. It can be used to put soap, towels and other toiletries. If the wall is not much else the rest of the space, create storage areas that skinny and tall, so the rest of the space can still be utilized to the maximum. Some corner cabinets bathroom door made no mepet to the wall, so there is space left behind. Space can be utilized, for example to put a cabinet. Of course, the cabinet must be in accordance with the existing space, because if not it will make the door is blocked and can not be opened up. These cabinets can be useful as a storage reserve towel. Between Hidden closet toilet and bathing facilities, there is usually a limitation of the short wall. These short walls can be considered to be a hidden cabinet that can store various items. Cabinet material can be selected according to the bathroom. Because of its location under, cupboard easier in direct contact with water. So, choose materials that are not easily damaged by water.