Bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom lighting is key and requires a lot of thought. What type of lighting we use, where to place the lights, what type of fixtures and finishes we want? Figuring out the basic concepts of bathroom lighting will make answering the above questions easy and result in a beautiful, well-lit bathroom. You need to consider the effect which the bathroom lighting will have on the entire bathroom, as lighting is one of the most essential elements for a bathroom. The bathroom lighting materials we will choose can create a different and unique atmosphere in our bathroom.




When considering light fixtures for you bath space, you’ll first of all, need to choose the style of the lighting elements. Classic wood scones are a good option for any style of bathroom, and are available in contemporary styles. Place wall scones and decorative ceiling lights over the tub area and light up any art displayed. If you like sparkle, you can add crystal or glass to your bathroom lighting.

LED bathroom lighting is the perfect solution when looking to create a soft and dreamy glow in the bath, but have to be positioned correctly. Putting lights beside the mirror, such as scones, provide the best lighting when minimizing shadows. The scones should be placed on both sides of the mirror, at face height.


Recessed bathroom lights can be used, as they become part of the architecture and simply blend into the room. This lighting option is great for a clean look. Putting two or more recessed lights, spaced out in a row, play off each other, creating a lighter, brighter space. Decorative lighting enhances light coverage, working with other task lights, while adding to the decor and mood of the bathroom. A gorgeous chandelier over a tub, is an instant hint of elegance. Coordinate the materials and the finishes of your decorative lighting with the hardware in the room, such as faucets and handles. If you have colored glass, keep it away from the mirror, so it does not affect the bathroom lighting.