Bathroom design and ideas

The most prevalent bathroom trend is simple – bigger and better.  Bathroom design is all about maximizing the use of available space.  Today’s bathrooms are no longer functional, but a showroom of their own. True, the bathroom is just a small part of your home, but it is probably the room that contributes the most to the feeling of comfort and convenience. You need to plan carefully how you want your bathroom to look like, starting from the sink, the bathtub and the toilet.




What we have for you today, is a bathroom with dark walls. The walls are designed with seamless small tiles of black and green color.  The sink is made of thick glass and is stationed on a wooden platform. Many modern and classic sink designs expose our waste and water supply lines. If your new sink is going to show off your plumbing, you’ll want to choose a good sink trap. Above the sink, as usual, is the mirror with light bulbs built in it. The toilet is located to the right of the sink. It has a black seat o blend in with the color of the bathroom.

The bathroom has a standing shower. The shower cabin is made of glass, matching the material used to make the sink so as to be synchronous. The shower cabinet floor is black-colored. Various luxury shower installations are as various as they are popular. Everybody has their own preferences and needs, but everybody wants to have a quality shower experience every time. More and more homeowners are installing shower temples and enclosures, the advantage of these installations is that they seclude the wet area of the bathroom. The rest of the bathroom remains dry,thereby reducing the danger of slipping, an important concern with aged parents.

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