Cozy home – tips and trends

Interior design is all about creating a cozy home, while at the same time building an atmosphere of elegance, comfort and warmth. Apart from that it should also reflect the unique individuality of the home owners, so that the interior can reflect thoroughly their strong sides. There are however, a few adjectives, which literally everyone […]

Creative architecture embodied in the roof

The roof is the final, finishing touch of any construction process. It is that extra step, which gives the building a finished, elegant and pleasing from an architectural point of view outlook. This is precisely the reason why, roofing material should be of high quality and durability. At the same time, it should provide for […]

Fireplaces – Classic marble and wooden

A good number of articles and posts have been dedicated to one of the most beloved interior design elements- the fireplace. This time, however, we shall take a closer look at the classic examples – mainly the marble and woodеn fireplaces. These are the two most preferred fireplace materials. Starting with the marble, we should […]