Glass furniture for a modern home

  The use of glass furniture for decorating our homes  is increasing and there is a reason for that.  Glass furniture make our homes look unique. A lot of people are familiar with the glass coffee tables which they use for their living rooms, but apart from the tables, glass furniture such as desks, doors […]

Halloween garden – Make it spooky

Halloween costumes and interior decorations can be funny and enjoyable; however it is worth noting down that the outdoor area around your home deserves a proper treatment, so that a truly spooky Halloween garden can be recreated. We have considered the topic very carefully in order to come up with a few spectacular ideas on […]

Halloween home decor

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays nowadays, which has plenty of followers all around the world. The reason behind its popularity lies in the fact that it is very emotional, expressive and enjoyable, which makes even the elderly members of the family discover the hidden child in them. This post will touch on […]

Sea theme in the interior design

Our insatiable flair for the sea and the long, sandy beaches have inspired us to write the below post, by giving you our ideas for some interior design projects that are based on the sea theme. The leading principles would be the use of neutral, mild colors (mainly white, yellow and blue nuances), natural materials […]