Unique wooden bathtub designs

Wooden bathtub for the bathroom is a unique and exquisite choice for any interior. They can be created in different shapes and sizes to suit and fit any bathroom design and theme. High quality wood is used for the wooden bathtub and if durability is your main factor, then the wooden bathtub will be ideal […]

Purple for your interior design

Most people seem to have the impression that the color purple is for females or that it is a feminine color, but that is far from true. Purple was normally associated with royalty due to the high cost of producing the pigment, but in recent years, purple is being used to create a stylish and […]

Ways to create a sound proof room

If you like staying in silence or you want to own your personal recording studio, then you will have to build a sound proof space to do that. The procedure is a little more complicated that it sounds. The materials and techniques needed to make a sound proof require skills and money. There are two […]