Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Rather than invest time and money to redesign the house, you should consider the power of accessories. Add or change accessories, improve function, and provide a new focal point for the interior you can refresh the space. You can find inspiration by studying the showroom furniture stores, antique shops, decorating magazines, and catalogs. […]

Wooden Frames for Mirrors

Wooden Frames for Mirrors The use of mirrors as elements present interior lot is applied by the decorators. The mirror was transformed into vocal point in space. The mirror is no longer just found in the room or in the toilet, but has expanded its use to the public nature of the space in the […]

Kids Bathroom Designs

Kids Bathroom Designs Kids Bathroom Designs — In addition to the bedroom, the bathroom is an important room in the house. Especially for your children. Though usually smaller in size than the bedroom, this room decoration should not be overlooked. Make the child comfortable bathroom, stylish, yet functional can be obtained easily and inexpensively. Here’s an […]

Bathroom Corner Sink

Bathroom Corner Sink A modern bathroom furniture is characterized by a sleek and simple equipment. Minimalism has changed the mindset of every occupant of the house. Bathroom sink may not be the first thing you see when entering the room but the most used accessories in there. Certain Sink has a design that will make […]

Sink sizes and design

Sink sizes and design Sink sizes and design — An important component in the kitchen set is a kitchen sink or dishwasher. Part of this kitchen set has an important role to make us have to be careful in your selection. Then how to choose it to match the size and shape of the kitchen set […]

Modern Bath Interior

Modern Bath Interior Modern Bath Interior — Modern bathroom also accommodate the needs of the maximal relaxation. For that select the interior elements can not be arbitrary. To select a marble bathroom floors, granite, cement, natural stone and hardwood. These materials work well for the bathroom floor is not slippery because these materials have a smooth […]