Roof Garden Design Photos

Roof Garden Design Photos Roof garden design photos – Garden, an accessory that must be have in every home. Its presence makes the atmosphere of the green, cool and looks beautiful. But the limitations of land often makes us lose a place to designing home gardens. Behind the limitations that arise from the idea to […]

Small Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Small Japanese garden design become most popular garden design in the world. This garden design from Sunshine Country gave the green atmosphere, elegant and beautify your home. This design is dominated by the decorative shades of forest with a stream of water and some miniature of classical Japanese house. In addition, you can add an […]

Garden Shed Design Ideas

Garden shed design ideas – Garden sheds are small structures which are created to store various garden design. These sheds possess a unique garden design that’s created to withstand extreme climate conditions. Sheds not just assist in storing garden tools but in addition helps in enhancing the decor of the garden. You will find lots […]

Roof Garden Design Ideas in London

Roof Garden Design Ideas in London This roof garden was built in London then garnished with variety number of plants and flowers. Using the roof as the land replacement, this design success to add charms and green atmosphere  for the house. Splitting like a garden pavilion roof can provide many advantages for you and your […]

Roof Garden Design Ideas

Roof Garden Design Ideas Roof garden design ideas. Roof garden, most popular garden design in urban city where people don’t have an are to build garden as it should. Though small, but roof garden will provide many advantages. It is the easiest solution to save water, reduce energy costs and certainly make your house beautiful. […]

Garden Design Ideas

Choosing the garden design ideas that match with your home design is really simple, but if you don’t know what the type of your home model, it’s can be difficult and make you confused. Alright, now I will share you some tips to choose or designing the ideal garden for your lovely home. You will […]