Apartment in Slovakia with inspiring children’s rooms

Recently our team is noticing more interesting interior design decisions coming from Slovakia. This is the reason of writing this article, as more particularly we will look at one apartment design idea, that has to show something, extraordinary and style. The interior design is designed by Rado Rick Designers. The apartment is property of one family with two children – six years old boy is big fan of Star Wars saga, respectively his room includes motives of the movie, and creates a contemporary and a bit sophiosticated atmosphere, and it cannot be unliked by someone, because of it’s uniqueness, and the the girl is little, two years old princes, and her room is fully respective with that. As soon as you enter the room you are allready aware of the fact that here is the room a sweat little child.Apartment-Slovakia-nursery-1

Main desire of the family is the interior design to be made the way, that it will keep the children’s interest, even when they grow up, that most of the people don’t consider. If the boy’s room seems more interesting and you are wondering why is that, the answer is simple – his father is keen of computer games, and also on Star Wars, which gives the answer of why most of the poeple don’t think of that. So that he provided his son everything necessary, to play games together.
Each furniture in this home is with individual design, made specially for this case, and the most important thing is that the graphic on the boy’s nursery room is painted by an artist on hand, which speaks for itself, how lovable and stintless the parents are. The big and beautiful library is something more than just a place for books – it is used, to separate the living room from the kitchen, but not totally to intercept both premises (smart – think about it).