Apartment designed for young man with perspective for family life

Family and bachelors life are two disparate periods in one man life, which also are followed by whole different needs. The apartment of a man in these two periods in most of the cases is drastically changing, but is it possible one home to be designed as to match both periods? This seems to be tough task, that hides many no notices and takes time for making tough decisions, but not impossible, as the guys standing behind the project takes part of this business. Similar case handles the young and famous interior designer Valeria Matveichuk and in this article we are seeing the result, that she achieved.


She handles, designing of the young man’s apartment, who wanted to have an universal home, where to live alone at first place, and at a later stage of his life, and with his family. Briefly, the designer’s task was to create interior home design with temperament, which will offer maximum free space, functionality and

to deal with the serious quest. The young designer stopped at one idea, as both styles requires work with bright colors, we can see strong presence of natural materials, which can never be redundant, when you think of how you feel when you are among fresh colors. The leading material here is wood and more specially the oak flooring integrated with oil, which can be seen on floors in the apartment.


Interesting is the separating wall between living room and kitchen. It is made by imitation of brick wall, that in combination with nice wood floor gives comfort and friendliness to the room. Probably the best combination for place like this, making it look so contemporary and young.


Despite of the fact it looks simple and ordinary, the design of this apartment is done very carefully, so that it can meet the needs and tastes, of both the young man, and his family with minimal transformations. Keeping the atmosphere created and spoiled, through the years, no matter how the time flies.