Antique Office Desk Furniture

Your office should be designed as a comfortable place that reflects your personality and interests. If you’re an antique collector, vintage office desk furniture and accessories can help you create a historical atmosphere in your work space, adding their timeless style. In this post, we will give you a few ideas how to furnish and decorate your office in an antique style with antique office desk furniture and vintage accessories.

The office essentials include office desk furniture. An antique desk can function well in a modern office, but you don’t need to limit yourself to office desk furniture only. You can also use an antique dining table, library table or console table to function as desk in your office. To keep the atmosphere the desk adds to your office, choose a wooden chair or a leather chair in rich brown or green color. Add vintage floor and desk lamps to your antique office desk furniture.

antique office design

Besides the office desk furniture, you will also need some storage options. You can find an antique filing cabinet for your documents and other papers. An antique or vintage bookcase can hold binders and postal cabinets or apothecary furniture with drawers are good for storing correspondence, business cards and office supplies. Any of these items will match your antique office desk furniture. You can also add a few details, like vintage jars or wire baskets to hold pens and paperclips.

office desk furniture

With the office desk furniture and storage cabinets your office is almost finished. To decorate it, consider using other antique pieces, which look attractive, but are not necessarily functional. Framed old maps and illustrations on the walls, antique radio, typewriter, clock or other items will help you complete the design of your office. You can also choose items, which are in no way connected to business equipment, like old perfume bottles, advertising signs or model cars. All these will contribute to the antique atmosphere in your office.

vintage furniture

To design an antique office, choosing antique office desk furniture might not be enough. Think of other antique or vintage items, which can serve other purposes, like an old telephone for a bookend, wooden soda crate for wall shelves and so on. You can check out some more ideas online.