Antique Furniture Styles

Antique Furniture Styles

Antique furniture styles are never out of date. The longer it was, the more expensive the prices. Just fill out the order of your home with antiques. Completing the house with furniture, it would be mandatory that you should think. Because the furniture has more value to make you feel more comfortable and memorable. No wonder when the election takes a very mature calculation, especially if you choose to use antique furniture. Old furniture does have many advantages when compared with modern style furniture.


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antique furniture styles



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The most prominent characteristic of antique furniture styles are the use of wood material that proved to have qualities not easily lebih.Salah only eaten by termites. The design is full of ethnic and cultural value of art can be seen clearly on antique furniture. Who says old furniture always looks stiff? You still can combine antique and modern items to make the room more eye-catching. In this case, the furniture will be the center point in your room. Furniture should be arranged seapik possible. When you want to combine, then it can be equipped with modern furniture using decorative pillows neutral color such as off white and beige.



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antique furniture styles pictures



To enhance the look of antique furniture, you can use the traditional fabric upholster or style that you can make the seat cushion upholstery. However, on the contrary, if you want a more modern impression, you can choose to upholster the brightly colored look more dramatic and exotic colors such as purple and orange. Ethnic-themed decorating by combining the old furniture is something familiar. In order not to look boring, old furniture can be combined with a lightweight carved with simple design lines. Older furniture has a high appeal because it can provide a luxurious and warm in the room. However, when intending to use this furniture, you should also be ready to maintain. Older furniture is the most important maintenance done to clean the dust wiping every two weeks. It’s also to keep antique furniture styles shiny wood.