Animation characters for kid’s room decor.

Kids love watching cartoons and animation movies. If you are thinking of a décor theme for your kid’s room, go for animation characters favored by your kid. It will make your kid very happy and turn the kid’s bedroom into an anime room. Animation characters are cheerful and child friendly, so there’s nothing wrong with going for this theme for your kid’s bedroom.

One of the most popular animation characters is Mickey Mouse and there are a lot of wallpapers and furniture pieces designed in accordance with the character. If your kid is between the age of 3 and 7, then Mickey Mouse will suit him or her well. You can get a bed which has a headboard in the shape of Mickey’s head, or a wardrobe covered in Mickey Mouse wallpaper. It will be a very good choice.

Mickey Mouse bedroom

Another favorite amongst animation characters is Sponge Bob. When I’ve visited kid’s stores, I have always seen Sponge Bob bedding sets, furniture and other accessories like lamps and mirrors. SpongeBob is a favorite for many kids all over the world. He is one of the best animation characters and I’m sure your kid will love having pieces of furniture decorated in his theme.

sponge-bob-themed-room-animation characters

Winnie the Pooh is slightly behind Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob in animation character favorites. Winnie the Pooh beds, towels and chairs are perfect for babies and very little kids. Talking about animation characters, we should remember Barbie for the little girls. Barbie and Ken posters and furniture can be used to decorate your little girl’s room.

Winnie the pooh animation characters


Barbie themed room

For kids in the 10’s and early teens, you can forget about animation characters, and turn to celebrities. Singers such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are loved by teenage girls and also some boys. Check for more animation characters online to have a clearer mind on things.

Justin bieber