An interior design solution for an under-the-stars apartment

An interior design solution for an under the stars apartment

The interior design solution in this post serves as a good example of a few styles being merged into a whole new concept. We have Neo baroque elements with a few contemporary design features and some reminiscences on the past implied by the wrought iron chandelier.

Take a look at the living room and the kitchen – they have been merged into one common space with separate functional zones. In terms of colors, the design conception has been built around four main colors – white, black, grey and red (the red being the main focusing accent). With regards to furnishing, you will probably notice that nothing is too much, yet nothing is missing. The furniture set has been picked and arranged with one leading principle – functionality.

The dining table and the dining chairs are in white – this conveys a feeling of simplicity. A bit of playfulness is implied by the baroque shapes of the table legs. As far as lighting goes, the main sources are the nearby windows that just look as if they are touching the ceiling and the wrought iron chandelier.
The red color has mainly been used for the soft furniture, which just makes the perfect colorful harmony with the wall across. Pay special attention to the sofa – it is a unique piece of furniture as it has been designed especially for this home. It serves as a border between the dining room and the living room, and speaking of the living room – the focusing accent is more than obvious – the fireplace. It has always been used as an interior design solution for comfort and warmth. Another interesting fact worth mentioning is the water heating system that has been built to provide warmth in all areas of the home.