An eco, functional and easy to use kitchen

An eco, functional and easy to use kitchen

One of the greatest and most common disadvantages of modern life is that the homes are getting smaller and smaller. And if there is one particular room in your home that suffers most from the lack of space, that would be the kitchen. No one, I really mean it, no one likes to cook in small kitchens. You can barely turn around; there is hardly any room for you, let alone for all the kitchen appliances and whatever you managed to place in the kitchen just seems to be constantly in your way.

Again, there is a solution to this issue too – the kitchen tower. Yes, another fancy expression! You will be surprised to learn that this modern kitchen innovation is fully packed up with energy saving systems; moreover it is fully operational on electricity derived from solar installations. It does sound eco-oriented and quite innovative. What you might think though is that it is too small…..Well, think again – you will be surprised to find out that this kitchen appliance has even a small vertical garden, where you could actually grow some of the herbs you use in your dishes!

And with regards to water costs, the kitchen tower filters the water you use, so that it can go into the washing machine. Furthermore, the water is then filtered for a second time so you can use it for the plants and herbs you are growing on your small vertical garden.
The design is quite simple, yet smart. The sink as well as the rest of the appliances can be moved into the tower body, so that you have plenty of space to move around. The tower has an oven, a microwave, a rinsing system, a washing machine and a good few other appliances that you may actually never use. And each of the tower appliances is extremely easy to use!