American Style Interiors

American Style Interiors

American style interiors — Not easy to define precisely in just one or two sentences what the American Style. Cultural background of the wide variety of countries predominantly immigrants from various parts of the world, so the style that emerged was very varied.

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Almost all of the styles for american style interiors that go are from Europe. No wonder, because there’s design mecca. There is a difference between the significant style of government buildings and residences. Style houses in the city different from the existing houses in the suburbs. In the big cities at one time, houses that look like a luxurious palace that became a favorite. One style is quite popular, Victorian style. Physically, the building has a detailed and complex ornamentation with a high roof and wood-dominated material (even up to full timber). Another feature is quite prominent, terrace (patio) that surround the house and also the difference in level (using lots of stairs). However, once the economic crisis hit the United States, this style dipersimpel and material used was mixed, because the wood is expensive. Construction is also mass (mass production) to further reduce costs.


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Tired of living in the city, people begin to look to the outskirts of the city as a place to live. The house is located in the suburbs (suburbs), his style changed completely. Traditional style is still running, followed by the growth of modern style. American Style Interiors itself synonymous with comfort and space affect the structure.