Amazing interior design of apartment with gold shades

If you immediately imagine something shiny, when you think of gold, so definitely with the interior design of this apartment we will surprise you when we show you the other “not so shiny” side of golden shades. Isn’t it exciting.

Amazing-interior-apartment-gold-shades-1We will look at one apartment from the famous designers studio GAS [Grosu Art Studio] where “gold” is everywhere, but in subtle classy touches, and in some cases almost hidden. This is the key to the pure beauty of this lavish color. You must know how to use it, otherwise you won’t be satisfied with the result.


Golden shades welcome us in the hull of the apartment, where we find two wonderful pots, which are perfect addition to the shiny, almost black surface of the surrounding them furniture. Golden shades increases the feeling for comfort and gives to the place one very welcoming and radiating warmth atmosphere, making you sit and read a book or just to stay alone with your thoughts.


In most of the places in the whole apartment we find golden accents in different items and decorations, like decorative pillows, pots, paintings even the coffee table’s legs. Maybe the most impressive of them is, that they forms something like frame, around the tv in the living room. The golden color nicely interacts with the brown wall behind it, and this soft contact makes the room amazingly warm and cozy, making you feel happy that you are home.


Faded drawers in the kitchen are related in unusual way with the chocolate walls and start to look like caramel with golden hue.

In the bedroom probably you are not seeing even a clue of golden shades, which have taken every other part of the apartment. Look at the silenced golden shade on the quilt and think again. (You can see by yourselves how quiet and cozy this color can complement the interior design of your home, and what understanding it can give you.