Add some color to your bathroom

Add some color to your bathroom

Going bravely with color combinations is interior design is mostly associated with living rooms rather than bathrooms. The fact is that the majority of us will think of the white color if they need to furnish a bathroom. Present day tendencies, however, show that adding some bold colors to the bathroom can have spectacular effects. This article will give you a few ideas of how color can bring energy and vigor into your bathroom.

The first idea would be to use apple green in the bathroom interior. This shade will blend beautifully with the popular sinks in neutral color or the tall frameless mirrors that draw the attention to a unique suspended chandelier for example.

The second suggestion would be to apply some citrus fruit shades. Orange walls will contrast very well with the white sink and bath tub. The yellow, green and pink nuances create a playful blend, which conveys a feeling of ultimate freshness. Consider using some decorative bits such as textile petals for example and you will have a one-off fantastic color mix.

Our third suggestion would be the use of the blue which resembles the shades conveyed by a blue moon. Use cobalt blue tiles and arrange them diagonally, so that they can contrast with the white sink, the white handles and the white bath tub.

In case you find the above ideas useful and inspiring, why not consider applying a bit of all into the design of your bathroom. In case you are unsure about the final look, you may consider using a 3D visual presentation, which will help you decide. Many bathroom equipment stores offer similar services, which come at no extra cost to you, in case you decide to purchase some of their products. Even if you need to pay something extra, the investment will pay off, as it will save you both time and efforts in case you are not satisfied with the final result and need to redecorate the bathroom !