Accent lighting for home pictures

You have a beautiful picture hanging on your living room wall, yet the lighting opposite is casting a shadow on it. If you bought or painted the picture with intention to display it, and it becomes the least attractive or noticed article in the room, you definitely need to improve it by using accent lighting to brighten it up. Getting another ceiling fixture or wall light might even aggravate the problem. So if you have a unique painting in your room and the lighting arrangement tends to overlook the painting, opt for a picture light.

Accent lighting should be fixed above the picture or painting and there is a variety of fixtures you can choose from to get the one that suits the painting the most. The light fixture on its own, can become a great decorative object in the room you choose to place it. Just like ceiling and wall lights, picture lights come in different styles and trends. As I said, there are many you can choose from.

Before selecting picture lighting fixtures, first consider the whole decoration and style of the room. You do not want your new fixture to alter negatively with your room’s décor. Another factor to consider is the picture which you want to illuminate. If it is a calm one, then don’t go for funky lighting. If the painting is a classic one, you can choose a traditional lighting frame for it. The size of the light fixture will also influence the picture. It is a deciding factor.

Experts and analysts advise that the size of the hung lighting over the picture should be half the size of the main picture. So ideally, the illumination should cover half the painting. Going for stylish lighting for your wall picture makes a style statement for many.