A unique design for your home’s hallway

Designing your hallway, corridor or entryway sometimes requires even more effort than designing your living room, bedroom or kitchen. However, the design of the hallway or walk-through room as they are sometimes called should fit into the overall style of the home. The interior design of the home hallway should be functional. The hallway is the first thing visitors see when they enter our homes, so they should set the tone for the interior of all the other rooms. Our designers have come up with some brilliant decorating ideas for your home’s hallway, so take a look.




The walls of the hallway are painted in a light creamy color. The doors are brown and wooden. The floor of the room is covered with a beige-colored rug which fits the whole theme of the room.  On the left wall of the hallway, the designers stationed five floating shelves. One of them has decorative fruits on it. A large mirror can be seen opposite the shelves where you can look at yourself while getting ready to go out. The walls are made from bricks which improve the sound isolation of the room as a whole. The ceiling of the room has a lowered platform with two ceramic chandeliers. The chandeliers are round in shape and have a design which includes two holes in it. Quite unique I say.

Another design idea our designers have prepared for you today follows:

Here, the walls of the hallway are PVC paneled and are covered with a creamy, brown wallpaper for a better look. The doors are wooden and the ceiling is painted in white. The floor of the hallway is wooden and comprises of parquet tiles made from timber. Three mirrors can be seen to the right one after the other and three wall lights stand on top of each of the mirrors. Floating shelves can also be seen which are mostly used for shoe storage. What separates this room from the standard, is the color of the wall where the mirrors are found. It’s orange and still fits into the whole theme of the hallway.

We hope you consider our ideas the next time you are planning on renovating or designing your hallway. We offer unique and affordable ideas. Keep us in mind.