A small, hanging garden in the interior design

If you have a garden in your home, you’re blessed. This is the perfect place for weekend relaxation or afternoon coffee with friends. However, a lot of people live in small city apartments and can’t enjoy this simple pleasure in life. In this case, you can have a small, hanging garden in your interior and invite a piece of nature inside.


This incredible fixture is called The Babylon Light. It is created by the Toronto-based designer Ryan Taylor. This power-coated lighting system acts as a hanging garden. You can decorate your living room with this beautiful piece, if you want to add a natural appeal to the place. All your visitors will be impressed. It turns out that you don’t need a lot of space to have a hanging garden in the interior.

hanging gardenYou can also decorate your kitchen or dining room with a miniature hanging garden. This hanging garden in glass bubbles is designed by Shane Powers for West Elm. It will add a touch of nature to your indoor spaces and create a beautiful and truly inspirational atmosphere. This charming hanging garden is a great choice of natural décor for the interior of your home.

gardenThis creative and inspiring hanging garden is a great way to create a natural environment for spiritual rejuvenation in our sterile, urban lives. This hanging garden consists of six pots, attached with magnets to a modularized wall plate. The pots are made from environmentally friendly plastic material. You can arrange them in various combinations, limited only by the size of the wall plate.

If at the beginning of this post you imagined one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, now you see that you don’t need to wonder how to fit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in your living room. You can buy a small hanging garden to decorate your interior or even create your own. We would love to hear some ideas from your and see your own DIY projects.