A few smart ideas for your staircase.

Spiral staircaseThe staircase is quite an important part of any home décor, which is large enough to have one. So, for the lucky few, who live in a house or a penthouse, we have prepared a few pieces of advice and some smart ideas, that will help you decorate it, so that it contributes significantly to the interior design.

Basically, we distinguish between three types of staircases depending on the available space. The first type would be the narrow, spiral-shaped stairwell. It is convenient when you live in a smaller apartment, or the room where it is located is of smaller dimensions. In terms of decorations, you can choose between glass steps or wrought iron railings for example. For me, it is the best idea for your staircase.

folding staircaseThe second type is the folding staircase. It is widely used when you need to have access to an attic room for example. When folded, it turns into a unique door, which conceals the entry passage to the attic. This is a good idea for your staircase, because the main advantage of this type is the fact that it saves plenty of room and is quite functional. The downside is that its use is quite limited and more or less you can use it only when you have some free attic space.


standard staircaseThe third, most common type is the ordinary, standard, wide stairwell. You can use it in most rooms. If you have such an idea for your staircase, remember the only disadvantage is that it tends to form niches. There is, however, a solution to that as well. The space behind the stairs can be utilized in two different ways: you can turn it into a unique library or a memorable family photo album.



In case you are in for the library, there is no need to hire a carpenter. Just install a few bookshelves on the wall and spend your efforts on their decoration. You can arrange your favorite books vertically or by forming stacks. The best way to go about it would be to do both. Add a few tokens and souvenirs, even a small flower vase. Paint the wall in some vivid colors, such as turquoise or red and you will have a separate attraction spot behind the stairs.  If you, however, prefer the family photos, you can arrange classic black-and-white photos in neutral rims. A few diplomas and certificates reminding you of your family members’ achievements are also a good idea.

To sum it up, keep in mind that whatever staircase you have, it is important to pay attention to the decoration bits, so that the overall concept of your interior design can be in unison with every furniture bit.