A few ideas about office arrangement

Furniture arrangement in your office may present some unique challenges. Your desk or work space is a key element in the office, which takes a lot of space, especially in a small office. Measure your office and decide what furniture and accessories you need. With careful planning in advance, you will be able to organize you office so that it will be fully functional and even look bigger.

small office

It doesn’t matter if you work in some part of a room or take a large room in an office building, you still need to map out the perimeter of your office and create an appropriately scaled sketch. First, mark the elements, which will remain unchanged, like windows, doors, columns, etc. Cut small rectangular piece of paper, which will represent the furniture you want to place. Try out some different furniture arrangements, following some basic rules. The access to your desk shouldn’t be blocked by any objects, you need to be able to move around freely and make sure that, when you are sitting at your desk, you will be facing the door. Plan placing one or two chairs for customers or visitors.


When you’re planning your office arrangement, try to think outside the box. Each room will offer you lots of options to utilize the space. If you’re furnishing a home office, any larger closet can be turned into an office with built-in shelves. If you remove the doors and add more shelving units, you will be able to create a functional and attractive work space, which will allow you to keep everything in order. Try to place your desk in front of a window, so that you will avoid the unpleasant reflections on your computer screen.

office arrangement

Other elements can be added to your office according to your needs and personal preferences. When you arrange a home office, make sure it won’t be awkwardly detached from the other rooms in your home. You office must provide privacy, security and access control. If you can’t decide on the exact location of your home office, consider various factors, which may hinder you work, like noise.