A black-and-white apartment with an amazing view

Who wouldn’t dream about going to bed at night only to watch the beautiful cityscape of a megalopolis in their feet? An apartment in a skyscraper is great for this purpose, as long as you can afford it. In this post, we will show you an amazing apartment, designed by the architect Yegor Serov, located on the 46th floor of the St. Petersburg Tower in Moscow.


This apartment offers an incredible panoramic view of the Russian capital. But the view isn’t the only reason why we’ve decided to show write about it. The interior of this apartment is also breath-taking. It is in the classic combination of black and white. It features lots of free floor space and modern furniture, which add style and sophistication to the amazing interior of this apartment. The interior design is modern minimalistic, which adds to the overall charm of the apartment.

apartment interior

The black-and-white color scheme is very simple, based on the continuous contrast between various black and white elements. The floors, walls and ceilings of the apartment are white throughout, with only a few exceptions. The kitchen and the living room form an open plan, where the transition between one function of the space to another is smooth and subtle, and yet they’re clearly defined. The kitchen area features white furniture against black background, while the living room has black furniture, which creates a contrast against the white floor, ceiling and walls.


Another characteristic feature of the interior of this amazing apartment is the simple and clean lines. This simplicity of furnishing and decoration is maintained throughout and all the rooms in the apartment share the same beautifully balanced type of décor. The place is kept from becoming too monotonous and boring by a few subtle accents like over-sized lamps, chromed lighting fixtures and occasional patterns and contrasting textures. Marble, wood and leather accents stand out in the interior of the apartment. The bedroom is particularly interesting, with its warm and relaxing décor. This is achieved with the brown wooden floor and a few matching furniture pieces.


One of the most impressive features of the apartment remains the incredible view of Moscow. It is really beautiful in the evening, when you can see the lights of the city. Look at the photos of this apartment and you will want to live there or at least spend the night.