A bit of wall decoration above your bedroom bed

A bit of wall decoration above your bedroom bed

There are many unwritten rules in interior design. A typical example is placing your bed with the bed board against the wall – this positioning is mainly used to convey the feeling of safety, security and comfort. Rules, however, can be modified. This is especially true when we talk about modern interior design with its countless shapes and twists. This post will touch not on your bedroom bed, but on the wall behind it!

If there is one place in your home that tends to be overlooked most of the time, that would be the wall behind your bedroom bed. And because of this it remains a hidden treasure, an uncovered platform for yours or your interior designer’s ideas. Now do not get me wrong – you may overlook the wall, but home designers, architects and decorators would not. The problem is that not everyone is using the help of designer yet.

This fact is exactly what inspired this post – we have tried to put together some unconventional ideas of how you can decorate the wall above your bedroom bed using shelves with different shape and design. They would not only build on the room’s functionality but also turn into an unconventional decoration accent and focusing point.
With regards to colors, you can choose between the following alternatives – white shelves are a favorite choice, but you can also go for the color that matches the one of the wall. Another interesting solution would be to opt for a contrasting shade that would be in unison with the furniture or the interior textile.