5 stylish white kitchen design ideas

A white kitchen can never feel out of fashion, because it is stylish, classy, bright and clean. Having a white kitchen helps improve the interior of the home a lot, as it goes well with every type of design. White kitchens are modern through their own style: horizontal lines, appliances and sometimes they can even get a minimal look if you have a small home. For a white kitchen, the important elements are the appliances, but the various nuances of white are important as well.

contemporary white kitchen

Having a white kitchen does not mean that everything in the kitchen must be white. Even the floor can be of a different color and that does not mean that the kitchen is of a different color. The cabinetry and counters are very important. If you have white cabinetry and white kitchen countertops, you can proudly claim that you own a white-colored kitchen. Slates can be used as decorative elements for a white kitchen, provided that it respects the same color. White chairs, tables and pendants can also be added for elegance, style and a classy look. White kitchens are modern and stylish, as well as contemporary. We will show you some design ideas and tips you can use if you are trying to create a white kitchen design.

white kitchen design

As you can see in the picture, the kitchen is not totally white. What makes it a white kitchen is the cabinetry. All the cabinets are white and have black handles to go with them. The floor is hardwood which is easy to clean and maintain. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are white and centrally located. This particular white kitchen has a kitchen island which helps improve the functionality and performance.

white kitchen design

The second design idea is a fully white kitchen. The walls are painted in white and floating shelves are stuck to the walls. The floor is painted in white also. A vent system stands just above the kitchen island to prevent the spread of cooking smells. The kitchen island is central and white colored. Kitchen stools are added to the white kitchen for improved comfort and functionality. Decorative elements such as vases and flowers can be seen on the counters of the white kitchen.

white kitchen design

Here, the white kitchen is L-shaped with a kitchen island standing in the middle. All the cabinets are white and that is what makes this a white kitchen. Hardwood flooring can be seen, just like in our first kitchen design photo. The counters are covered in tiles, which are dark colored. Dark colors go well with white, so you might consider this if you want to have something else apart from only white in your white kitchen.

white kitchen design

This particular white kitchen has countertops have a texture which matches the color of the walls and floor. The floor is completely covered in white tiles, which gives the white kitchen a modern look, while the appliances are made from stainless steel which suits the white color very much.

white kitchen design

The last design we have for you is similar to the previous one. A completely white kitchen, with the floor and counters covered in white tiles. The stools around the island are also white plastic. All the cabinetry is white with the edges covered in black for the perfect kitchen design.

White is known to symbolize clarity, modernity and purity which typically helps evoke a rejuvenating feeling when it comes to interior design – the start of something new. So, if you want to be modern go with the white kitchen design. If you have any questions, we will happily answer them. If you liked this article, please share it with others.