Modern underground houses

If you’re planning to build a home, but want to minimize the negative impact on the environment, underground houses are a great alternative to the traditional buildings. The initial cost of a home like that is fairly low, because in underground building the natural materials, displaced by the construction, can be recycled as building materials. […]

Interior Design Solutions – Glass Walls for Your Home

Interior glass walls are a great design solution in homes with open floor plans. Eliminating the brick walls can save you some space, but open floor plans have more acoustics and cause noise to travel further. Besides, more rooms mean more separate spaces for individual needs. And while there are ways to separate the different […]

Handmade Designer Bathroom Vessels

Bathroom vessels are a comparatively new addition to bathroom interior design. This type of sinks set atop a countertop and require non-standard faucets and waste drain systems. Modern vessels look like art pieces, made from porcelain, granite, alabaster stone or blown art glass. They are perfect for stylish, luxury bathrooms. In this post, we will […]