Tips on how to get rid of mold

Mold forms in places where there is moisture and they grow on wet surfaces, causing discoloration to that area. If your home or office has been subjected to water damage, then the possibility of mold formation is very likely. Mold spreads easily through spores, so it is essential that it is gotten rid of as […]

Round bathtub for your bathroom

A bathtub is one of the most common fixtures in a home; almost every home has at least one. Yet, unlike many other home appliances and fixtures we don’t think much about the bathtub. A round bathtub is perfect for so many reasons – naturally, it will take the center stage in any room because […]

Home office lighting ideas

A major trend in the last decade is the use of a home office to conduct business related activities. The lighting configuration is essential when organizing a home office. A home office that is dimly lit or dark could eventually lead to eyestrain, and reduce productivity due to the fatigue factor. The wrong lighting configuration […]

Hard mattress for your bedroom

Doctors have been prescribing a hard mattress for years to patients suffering from back pain. However, this is constantly being argued. Poor body alignment and an improper mattress may prevent you from enjoying deep, restorative sleep. Sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality, in turn, can impact your physical and psychological health. Some say a hard […]