Mixing design styles in the apartment decor

Mixing design styles in the apartment decor Every interior design project follows the rules of a certain style – contemporary, classic, etc. The idea behind today’s post is to comment on one of our interior design projects, which aims to blend elements from two quite different decor techniques. The goal is to combine contemporary design […]

The staircase decorations

The staircase decorations Staircases do not normally feature in many interior design articles. The reason for this is obvious – not so many people can afford to live in a place that requires a staircase. The lucky few though, who happen to be living in a house or a penthouse could do with a few […]

The white decor

The white decor Our series of articles dedicated to the power and application of colors in contemporary interior design continues with a post on one of our numerous decor suggestions – an apartment in white. This color tends to be rather underrated, the truth is that it conveys serenity and purity; thus it can be […]