Interior Design Dining Room

Interior Design Dining Room Interior design dining room, arranging and decorating this room should pay attention to the selection of the composition of warm colors tend to be memorable and appetizing meal for people who are in it. If your home dining room decorated with a properly laid out and will create the perfect atmosphere […]

Open Air Bathroom

Open Air Bathroom Open air bathroom can make the choice as an alternative design of your bathroom. You can create a bathroom that is open or partially open to the tropical garden arrangement in it. Fresh and comfortable atmosphere can support your relaxation activity. The advantage of open water is an atmosphere of bathroom shower […]

Modern Bookshelf Design

Modern Bookshelf Design Modern bookshelf design are not only functions as a display, as decoration, but also supports the interest in learning the whole family at home, if we are able to properly display the bookshelf. And you realize, it is also a bookshelf as a key element of a family. Currently bookshelf design is […]

Office Decorating Ideas

Office Decorating Ideas Office decorating ideas by adhering to the guidelines and procedures that have been prepared in the interior design and decoration work, your office space can be utilized effectively. The results are also satisfactory and the decor reflects your personality. Of course your company’s image will also increase so much better. Select and […]

Office space design

Office space design Office space design requires a balance between several things. It needs decorating ideas, your personality, or the condition of the atmosphere in the workplace, the need for storage space, and the terms of efficient utilization of space and compact.                 Determine the storage space. Does […]

Wall decoration ideas

Wall decoration ideas Wall decoration ideas or decorative elements on the wall was not only beautify the room but also serves to cover the shortfall and highlight the advantages in a room. Not hard to do. All it takes is a little creativity. You can put a picture of a scene, picture or mirror on […]