Dish Towel Rack

Dish Towel Rack Dish towel rack — Having a beautiful kitchen that many people dream of. Lots of things to make your kitchen look to be beautiful and attractive. But sometimes you get confused where to start. Actually you just have to try to be creative with existing components in your kitchen. Starting from the […]

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture Wooden Furniture — Choosing wooden furniture is not easy but not too difficult. Wood furniture is synonymous with style and ethnic home country is one of the interior of the home that many people choose. Unique texture and sinews give the impression of a natural and warm. Do not need a grand house […]

Living Modern 2012

Living Modern 2012 Living modern 2012 — The house is not a mere building. This is something that has a close relationship with you. In fact, represent your character, taste, and imagery. Each section had a piece of ‘you’. So, if your first impression is judged by physical appearance of the first impression of your […]

Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces Kitchen tables for small spaces — The kitchen is often forgotten, or rather not be noticed. The kitchen is also one of the ‘dirty’ in between the spaces in the house. This was caused by the habit of leaving the kitchen after cooking in a dirty state. With redecorating a […]

Oval Sanitary Bathroom

Oval Sanitary Bathroom Oval Sanitary Bathroom — At this time bathroom is not just a place for clean the bodies and release tired you with bath. In addition to the usual activity of the shower, the bathroom is currently developing its function as an appeal of your home interior. How can it be? Yes. The […]

Black And White Bedroom

Black And White Bedroom Black And White Bedroom — Designing the bedroom is fun. Many styles you can apply the basic idea of ​​the design of your bedroom. Ranging from classical, contemporary, minimalist and modern. Whatever style you use, the concept of a bedroom can not be separated by the color of furniture and room […]