Elegant Living Room

Elegant Living Room Elegant living room — The living room is the first place you visit if you visit your friends’ home, relatives or even your brother. “Reforming the living room” of various sizes is a challenge for you, but you have to think of comfort as well as receiving guests should also be living […]

Fun Kid Bedroom Ideas

Fun Kid Bedroom Ideas Child’s room is the authority of the child, the rights of the child to learn to develop his personality, develop responsibility, develop creativity and imagination. Children also have a brother with whom he had slept together, then the room will be a place for him to learn to share with you, […]

Urban Garden Design

Urban Garden Design Urban garden design — The garden is part of the home or community environment that serve as a green area. With the existence of this garden, the neighborhood residents every day to get something that is always fresh. And the concept of the best gardens are garden that can provide a refresher […]

Terrace Design Ideas

Terrace Design Ideas Terrace design ideas — Terrace including part of the house that can be used to welcome guests who came. In addition to his position in front of the house, is also present on the side or behind the house as a sitting area. Attractive terrace can also give the impression to the […]

Open Dining Room Ideas

Open Dining Room Ideas Open dining room ideas — Family harmony is important, the key is the interaction of each family member. Brings together some of the space into one is one form of interaction and appropriate solutions. Each family member would need to access a simple space. By combining several rooms such as living […]

Customized furniture

Customized furniture Customized furniture is furniture design with his own use in accordance with thedesires of the area of ​​the room and adjust its size so it looks match the room withfurniture. Customized furniture is now a trend for homeowners center with a building area that is not too large. They anticipate the limitations of space by choosing the right home interior and multifunctional, the space will be moreeffective and widely impressed.         Customized furniture can customize and describe the character of the building owner. The advantages to be gained by using customized furniture, as follows: For those of you who own the building or house with a limited area, the use […]