Yellow black interior design

Yellow black interior design Yellow black interior design — Seeing color is a very interesting visual experience. Cool colors make us feel better, reduce tension and body temperature. Cool colors, like green, blue and purple in nature that we often find in the sky, water, fog, trees, clouds, these colors appear refreshing, soothing and reassuring. […]

Grey Family Room Ideas

Grey Family Room Ideas Grey family room — Grey is the result of mixing black and white, two solid colors into a color medium. If black is 100%, then 90% black is Grey. Because of that gray can also be categorized as an instance of a black color. By its nature is not solid, grey […]

Modern Kitchen Flooring

Modern Kitchen Flooring Modern kitchen flooring — The kitchen has a primary function as a service area, which is a place to prepare the dish. If the first existence is often overlooked because of dirt, located behind the house, and in order pickup, now holds the status of popular kitchen and functional in the eyes […]

Minimalist Kids Bedroom

Minimalist Kids Bedroom Minimalist kids bedroom — The bedroom is a unity in the house, and one room that is very personal in the house, so only a few people who can enter and enjoy the layout and color of the room. But the need for a bedroom for children requiring special attention that we […]

Black White and Pink Bedroom Ideas

Black White and Pink Bedroom Ideas Black white and pink bedroom ideas — Pink is the right choice to create a sweet look to the bedroom. Pink color is also able to bring a soothing atmosphere. So no matter if you try to use the pink color to decorate the bedroom. Pink would be very […]

Black Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Black Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas Black kitchen cabinets — The kitchen is one room in a house frequented by members of the family. Therefore, this place should not be decorated perfunctory. Designing a kitchen with a neat and attractive design can make the kitchen a place to relax for the family members are also your […]