Marble Interior Design

Marble Interior Design Many types of floor coverings or wall material that you can use. Marble interior design can be considered as your choice. To bring the atmosphere of the space a more comfortable and cool, granite and marble flooring is a material that can be selected. Granite and marble featuring luxurious aura of each […]

Geometric Interior Design

Geometric Interior Design Modern style home is growing rapidly, supported by the modern lifestyle of our society. This modern lifestyle impact, among others on the processing of residential architectural styles. Modern meaning is “the latest, cutting-edge”. So that when applied to residential architecture in particular mean more or less become, house style, or the latest […]

Wood Flooring Ideas Design

Wood Flooring Ideas Design Wood flooring ideas design — Wood parquet flooring or known by the designation for the type of flooring made of wood. Parquet is more often used in indoor areas. Although treatment is a little tricky, given a good protector parquet quite easy to maintain. Engineered wood flooring is composed of two […]

Wallpaper Interior Design Ideas

Wallpaper Interior Design Ideas Decorate the walls of the room or activity room wall with the wallpaper is not a job that can be done poorly, nor shall the work done by the lack of confidence. Wallpapering to do the work it takes courage to choose the wallpaper pattern, hang up or put it neatly, […]

Warm and Chic Living Room Area Rugs

Warm and Chic Living Room Area Rugs Living room area rugs have become art objects whose function is more than just a floor covering. Function is to keep the floor rug or carpet to stay warm when used as bedding, cushion, or when stepped on. In addition, exotic rugs can provide the value of other […]