French Country Interior Design

French Country Interior Design French country interior design — Space with a relaxed atmosphere is elegant but still impressed prominent feature of the order of French Country. A relaxed style without losing the beautiful, makes this arrangement so easily accepted and applied. Apply a french country style with soft colors. French Country is a lot […]

Modern Classic Design Style

Modern Classic Design Style Modern classic design style — If your hobby design layout of your home, you can try to apply the classical style, without carving or intricate detail, but with a modern twist. Be the feel of ‘mature’ in your layout. You can add a touch of contemporary classical and modern oriental to […]

Floral Bathroom Suites

Floral Bathroom Suites Various kinds of ideas you can apply to your home interior. Including the bathroom. Get a bathroom that is ‘different’ can be done in an easy way is by the use of wallpaper and cutting sticker. If you want a touch of ‘beautiful’ in your bathroom, you need to try to design […]

Classic Foyer

Classic Foyer Classic foyer — Classic style suitable for those who want to display in life establishment. Occupancy this time the American Classical style, slightly different from the European Classical. The beauty of classic American art has been seen since the reception / foyer. A large wooden table immediately greeted every guest who comes to […]

Dining Lighting Ideas

Dining Lighting Ideas Eyes and minds to respond emotionally to the presence of light and enjoy the atmosphere intuitively different types of artificial lighting during the day or at night, which was created by the presence of artificial light or lamp. So, at home, or anywhere else, mood lighting should not be taken lightly influence. […]

Sink Design Pattern

Sink Design Pattern More than just a curved container for hand washing, sanitary sink is a component in the bathroom which also has a function as an accessory. Such as a display, the sink can be located in the upper area of the table or attached to the wall. The sink is usually strung with […]