10 Compact Kitchen Design for Small Space

10 Compact Kitchen Design for Small Space

Not everyone is fortunate to have a broad space that can be decorated according to taste. Sometimes a small room that prevents us from realizing a brilliant idea to make the room a comfortable and enjoyable. Kitchen, one room that has a vital role in the family. A place where mother cooking a delicious food everyday. We should have a beautiful kitchen which can support all the activities even though only a small size. Perhaps some compact kitchen design from the following world class designer can be a solution for you to have a kitchen that is functional and can support all kitchen activities.

Compact Kitchen Unit Design
This compact kitchen unit has designed by German designer Norman Ebelt and Kristin Laass. This mini kitchen equipped with stove, refrigerator, oven, kitchen furniture storage and can be used as a kitchen table. The kitchen, measuring one meter square when folded.

Red Circle Compact <em>Kitchen Design</em>This beautiful kitchen design is made by Compact Concepts Studio. The red color is very dominant in the circle shaped mini kitchen and give the cheerful impression for the house. The kitchen is equipped with a sink, oven, multiple kitchen furniture storage and lot of drawers. It is suitable placed in the corner.

White Compact <span style=

Carre compact kitchen is designed by Robert Schierjott and Ulrich Kohl. This design is inspired by the rubrics cube consisting of several chambers. The combination of white color with minimalist glass blur gives the impression of luxury. Equipped with stove, sink, buffet and kitchen storage. Perfect solution for the modern small apartment.

Compact <em>Kitchen Design</em> IdeasThis beautiful compact kitchen is designed by Farziska Winter, Katrin Sillmann and Ulrike Sandner. This design is equipped with wheels that make you easier to organize the most appropriate location in the home. Enhanced by a plate made ​​bunk. Suitable for modern house concept.

Avanti Compact <span style=This dark brown compact kitchen is designed by Fendi Casa. This design is more likely to a portable kitchen on the cabinets. Kitchen sink, small refrigerator and cabinets arranged in a neat and clean impression.

Compact Kitchen Appliance DesignMultifunctional compact kitchen is designed by Maria Lobisch and Andreas Näther. This design is very comprehensive and can be said All in One kitchen furniture set. Various furniture can be accommodated there. Equipped with sink, drying rack, shelving system, and a dining table for four people.

Minimalist Compact Kitchen DesignMinimalist compact kitchen is designed by Christopher Meyer and Vicky Muller. Compact kitchen concept that aims to package all in one kitchen set into one multifunctional table. Equipped with sac of silicone that can be used as a practical storage place.

Complete Compact Kitchen DesignThis compact minimalist kitchen is designed by Albrecht Seeger and Martin Klinke. This compact kitchen looks more like a mini bar than a kitchen. There was a mini table and four hidden chairs that can be used as a place to eat together.

Luxury Compact Kitchen DesignThis compact kitchen is designed by Klaus Michel. This is an innovative desan depicting a kitchen atmosphere. There is a set of tables and chairs, kitchen sink and lamp lighting. All the furniture is hidden in a room and will surprise you when all the furniture are opened because it will create a cool simple kitchen.

Used Compact Kitchen DesignThis compact kitchen is designed by Lodovico Bernard. This kitchen was designed for a very small space. Complementary furniture with decorating functions was removed to save more space. This kitchen can be used as a meal for four people.